Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fly Unconcious

Our resident historian proposes a new, more comfortable way to deal with interstate and international travel. You would arrange, at your hotel, where you wanted to go, pack your bags, place them in an area (such as the hotel-room's closet), and go to sleep, perhaps with a sleeping pill to help you sleep.
While you are asleep, you are put into a well-ventilated mailing-tube, taken to the airport, and put onto a plane. The plane flies you to your destination city, where you are quickly hauled to the hotel you specified the previous day. You, still asleep, are unloaded into the bed of the hotel, and your bags loaded into the room's closet. A letter explaining which room you have and welcoming you to the destination city is placed on the room's desk, and your room key is placed next to it.
You wake up, refreshed, in your room in the destination city's hotel. The letter helps orient you, as from your perspective, you have essentially just been teleported. You are ready to conduct the day's business, or go about your day. The pre-made arrangements handled all the payment issues, and the receiving hotel likely has anything you need for the morning, such as breakfast, or a shave and shower.
This would be less expensive than traditional air-travel, as more people could be packed onto a plane, and less of the traditional amenities, like cold drinks, peanuts, and such, would be asked for. In addition, security will be much easier to deal with, both because you are asleep and unable to do anything troublesome, and because you are unlikely to threaten the security of the flight while sealed in a tube. Scanning for trouble-causing items, such as bombs, contraband, and so on, will happen while you are asleep as not to annoy you. Presumably people who attempt to smuggle a bomb into their tube will wake up not at their destination, but in a police station.
The most challenging part of this, as far as I know, will be keeping a plane full of people in mailing tubes ventilated, but probably existing systems, made to pressurize a cabin, can be applied to a hole in each tube, keeping all tubes well oxygenated.
Imagine the convenience, the savings, and the lack of the usual annoyances of travel!

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l33t MD* said...

Truly maniacal. Love it!

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