Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Other Mad Engineers

When it comes to building machines that make little or no sense, I'm not alone. Let's go over a few that I found with a quick search of Google, ignoring the matches that were just people bragging about their "mad engineering skillz." (Which they may or may not have actually had.)

There's another mad engineer right on our own blogspot. He's of a rather different political persuasion than I am.

A Mr. Quackenbush has proven quite the inventor, boasting 7 strange inventions, many with detailed instructions.

A man named Marv may not have come up with the ideas on his own, but was kind enough to point out the 7 wonders of the modern world. Thanks, Marv.

In England, an entire company has dedicated themselves to making your car more interesting. Although clients are requested to keep at least a modicum of sanity when ordering, because the "mad" part is actually an acronym.

A Polish company would like an engineer who can speak German and English. The madness of their science cannot be evaluated by me, since I speak neither German nor Polish.

DragonconTV invites you to learn more about mad scientists in general. The more you know...

Lumrix presents a tretise of mad scientists that's strangely similar to the one on Wikipedia. Unlike Wikipedia's copy, it notes that few mad scientists venture into civil engineering, geology, metallurgy, math, or the social sciences. Perhaps because a script revolving around those fields would be incredibly boring, but I am now inspired to write articles about those subjects.

Mr. Mudnoc of Atlanta is a mad...sound...engineer. I'm not a member of Myspace, which has forbidden me from listening to his work.

Dr. Anderson isn't a mad scientist, he just loves it a lot.

Ms08tx ... um, I can't read Japanese, but I think this person works in IT. Speaking of Japanese postings, any idea what this is?

Neatorama would like to remind you how to fold a shirt as an engineer would do it. And the way I've advocated doing it.

The other entries were mostly people talking about mad cow disease.


Cairnarvon said...

If by "of a different political persuasion" you mean "profoundly ignorant and borderline insane". You really shouldn't encourage idiots like that by linking to them.

themadengineer said...

It may surprise you to hear it, but his position is shockingly maintream in America right now.

These people are screamingly upset that Obama raised taxes by 4%. They're furious that he's considering nationalizing the failing banks to keep them afloat.

So many of them are convinced that the US is on the verge of a communist revolution. I don't think we live in the same world, but these people are neighbors, classmates, the people on the news. If I seek employment, my boss is likely going to be one of them.

So I need to make peace with them, or leave the country.

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