Thursday, March 12, 2009

Auto Parking

A classmate of mine tells me he wishes that his car would park itself. To some degree, this already exists. Some luxury cars now advertise that they have the ability to paralell park themselves, as this is a tricky manuvre that boggles the minds of most drivers. It also lends fairly well to automation, since the same technique works every time and the system can rely on the human driver positioning it in such a way that it won't smash into another car. (The car cannot, as of this point, see.)

Still, most other parking procedures are equally straightforward. The car can have pre-defined procedures that pulls it in straight forward and stops, slides into a diagonal parking space, and the already discovered "paralell parking" technique of moving forward, diagonal into the space, and then back forward into the parking space, at which point the car stops.

Drivers would need some training in the use of these procedures, as well as some kind of way of indicating to the car which to use.

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