Friday, March 20, 2009

Fishtank House

What if we combined a fishtank, and a house? Instead of solid opaque walls, the walls would be made of a clear polyvinyl, the difference between them filled with water? Doorways would likewise be clear, and stepping through one would take you beneath a foot of water. Electrical and phone lines would need a waterproof casing, of course. The water would need circulation via pumps, filtering as to not become algae riddled or toxic, and a combination of fish and plants should be introduced that won't horribly destroy each other. Preferably for lower maintenance, a food-chain should be established to minimize the need to feed the fish.

Actually, let's make this an office instead of a house. Bedrooms, bathrooms, and changing areas would need opaque walls anyway, and doing this for just the hallways, living room, and kitchen doesn't seem worthwhile.

So we'd have this office complex, and the walls and ceiling are not only filled with water, but have fish living in the water. Aquarium plants sway in the undersea currents, and fish idly observe the employees and the boss working hard all day. The tank would be maintainable from the next floor up, which may or may not be the roof depending on the size of the building. Bubble stones would be in strategic areas of the tank's floor, merrily bubbling away.

Would the aquatic tranquility reduce office stress? Would the fact that people can see into the boss's office encourage transparency in other areas in the workplace? Would the fish multiply, and if so, would they be harvested or merely allowed to reach an equilibrium? If they were harvested, would they be company property?

Would this even function as an office at all, or would it just be yet another expensive avant-garde art display?

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