Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Planar Furniture

I'm imagining a super cheap form of furniture made of boards. Boards in little shapes slapped together to form a chair, and filled with expanding foam in the middle. Or, perhaps just an "X" like shape of more boards. A board chair could be had for $10, and a board bed for $30. Board desks would be maybe $5. For the cost of a professionally made chair, one can buy an entire studio's worth of furnishings. Furnishings that can easily be taken apart and hauled away. Just one problem: They'd be ugly.
True, to make them bearable I'd want to attach lots of cushions, but their primary benefits are also their main detractions. They're going to be boxy, kludge-like in appearance, and tacky. And yet, I believe there is a big market for them with college students (who have to make the most of every cent) and nomads (who can enjoy the benefits of furnishings by being able to take them apart and haul them away.

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