Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Two links

I'm still worn out from the hunt. In the meantime, two things for you to read about:
TwoYaks of Alaska has some good advice for preparing yourself for winter. It's going to be a cold one this year, but if you're prepared, it'll be less bad for you.
A British electronic engineer has made a Z80 based laptop, able to run all the old programs and games, and made entirely by hand. Damn. He even wrote his own OS for it. Now that's dedication to hand crafting.


TCG said...

Back up here, since you don't talk about yourself so much. You live somewhere like Vermont or Seattle or something? Maine maybe? England / HK is easy because they are tiny places. Nuke either of them and I'll be caught in the blast.

TwoYaks said...

My friend down there was out there hunting, too. Got a doe. :) Hope you had success in catching some deer!

Mad Engineering said...

I live in Texas, near enough to Houston that I'd be lethally irradiated if it got nuked. But no, I wasn't hunting livestock, even though there's a deer-infested area about 6 miles south of me.
This hunt is for jobs. Jobs where everyone wants someone more experienced than me.

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