Sunday, November 7, 2010

Redoing Signs

Street signs are important. They tell you what street you're on. They tell you about changes in the rules, like speed limits, where to stop, and about when the road changes, like the addition or subtraction of lanes.
Some signs around the country are worn. Having been in the ultraviolet glare of the sun, enduring erosion from wind and rain, their bright and vibrant colors have faded. The sign becomes dull and hard to read. It would be cheap to replace it...if you could get there. Signs are printed metal from silk screen, and not terribly expensive. Especially in bulk.
Along with my proposal to rebuild the roads, I think we should replace the signs. With power tools, we remove the bolts that held the old sign in place, we then hold the new sign in place and bolt it in place. We should have a new supply of bolts in case the existing one gives us any trouble, or is in any way rusted or deteriorated.
This would give jobs, and make the roads so much nicer to drive on. Surely that has some economic value.


TCG said...

Erm may not work! In the UK the government has been using plastic signs lately, when they fade they put new stickers on the fronts. They use plastic because people steal roadsigns to sell for scrap. Even the electronic signs don't work because people steal the solar cells powering them even at the top of streetlamps!

Mad Engineering said...

.....goddamnit people. >:(

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