Saturday, September 4, 2010

Diet Donut

You know what everyone wants? To eat sugary fatty donuts and not exercise and still somehow lose weight. And while we're dreaming, I'd like a trillion dollars and an elaborate laboratory on Mars. Under a glass dome, filled with trees.
Back in reality, most "junk food" that people eat could be made way healthier. I'm imagining a donut made with vitamin enriched flour, with a blend of sugar-alcohols for sweetener, so it's actively good for your teeth, plus won't give you the runs. (Such a combination technically exists, but is hard to manage.) The jelly inside in made of a rich apple pectin, giving it a gooey consistency that still cleans your insides like an apple. Several important minerals are also provided (in trace amounts so it doesn't affect the flavor.) Eating this donut is surprisingly good for you.
If you replace half the food in each of your meals with one of these donuts, maybe you could lose weight.

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