Monday, November 9, 2009

Zero G Bed

I remember once a conversation I had about strange bed technology, and the other person proposed a zero-g bed, in which you'd sleep touching nothing but air, as if in free fall, for all eight hours that you are asleep. It'd be real easy on your body, if a tad unsettling at first. It would keep you suspended with a large fan, which would produce a wind tunnel that could lift up to 100kg.
An interesting idea, but I have seen such a chamber in action (for some science program on TV or other), and one thing I remember about it was that the fan was extremely loud. Most people prefer quiet environments for sleeping. But again, I can probably fix this.
Separate the fan, distance wise, from the sleeper. There is a large horizontal tunnel, which has a ludicrously large fan that fills its entire length. A long distance away, it bends upwards, has a mesh covering, and above that is the sleeping chamber. When the fan is activated, it fills the tunnel with a powerful wind, but the noise dissipates over the distance, until the chamber, where only the wind remains. The sleeper will probably still want to wear earplugs, though, because all the howling wind is a bit loud on its own, even without the fan.
Sleepers may also experience rotation until nauseous, vertigo, and stark raving terror from instincts that point out that being in free fall is not conducive to one's survival.
I don't imagine this appealing to more than the "Because I'm so rich that I can" crowd.

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