Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Hi, welcome to scan-mart. May I see your last receipt?

Thank you. Would you like the same groceries as last time?

Yes? Okay, your total comes to $118.43, would you like to use the same credit card as you did last time?

Okay, please take your cart. Thank you for shopping at scan-mart. A reminder that you can now shop over the internet and bring in the receipt for even faster customized service.

Or, what if you want a new receipt, and prefer to shop in person? No problem, here's your scan gun, please enjoy our shelves full of sample items. When you reach the checkout, have the scan gun print out a receipt with this button, and we can go from there.

We're working on a new service, in which your groceries are auto-loaded into your car. We hope to have this by next year.

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