Saturday, September 6, 2008

Interesting Uses of Household Heat

Even in southeast Texas where I live, where the weather remains well above 20C long into the winter, the bathroom tiles are always incredibly cold in the morning.

Meanwhile I have a computer, and it needs special effort to stay cool. Without cooling, the chips would literally melt.

There's a bathroom modification I've been reading about in which pipes are installed beneath the floor, and water from a boiler is run through the pipes, making the floor very warm and pleasant to walk on. The water goes back to the boiler when it runs out of heat.

Water cooling systems exist for PCs in which a carefully controlled set of tubes and pipes runs water over metal to absorb heat from the chips.

If you combined the two systems, your PC would keep your bathroom floor at least tepid, and your floor would keep your PC cold.

At least, if your PC is near your bathroom. If it has to travel through a lot of pipe, it very well might be cold by the time it gets to the bathroom.

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