Sunday, September 28, 2008

Automated Farm

I am challenging myself to think of a way to automate all common tasks on a farm, because farming was essentially the job of 99% of the population before the industrial revolution, and would continue to be today had farmers not grown more productive and industrial jobs proven more tempting due to the ability to meet people who are not your direct relatives and (often) higher salary.

Those farms that remain in business would appreciate the lessening of work, and corporate farms would appreciate the lower expenses. (All my food is basically corporate farmed.)

Farms are important because they make food (and textiles). They involve a lot of hard work to operate, especially if one intends to not only feed oneself, but to make a profit as well.

The details will have to wait, as I am currently swamped with a gazillion tasks.


hrvoje said...

I am thinking about the same thing. Do you know any company that deals with that stuff?

Pleas let me know if you do.


themadengineer said...

Here's one.

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