Thursday, February 11, 2010


In the future, when we humans as a species have some project so massive that all the world's supercomputers aren't enough, I have an idea for a huge omni-computer.
We build a planet, of which one side is purely solar cells, and the other is all a massive supercomputer-complex, with a radio-array to send and receive instructions. The interior could be storage batteries, or maybe even is hollow. Due to the massive size of this, it would have to be constructed in space. We then move it to a very close orbit around the sun, where it becomes tidally locked with the solar-cell side always facing the sun, and the computer array always facing away. The solar cell side heats to over 500C, and provides Exawatts of power. The computer side is very cold when the machine is off, -300C. When the computer turns on, that will change.
This project would easily cost a quadrillion dollars, but it would solve every computation problem known to humankind in 30 minutes. Only a more complex problem would justify the massive expense.

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