Sunday, June 7, 2009

Regrow Nerves

I find it shocking that after 500 years growth of the field of medicine, there is still no good way to repair nerve damage. One break of your spine and everything below the break is lost to you forever. Meanwhile, a (mad) researcher can do a freaking head transplant, which would be useful if it didn't render all monkeys involved quadriplegic.
Meanwhile, neurologists are experimenting with nerve grafts, there's a few attempts at pills, even computer chips. (what the hell?)
There is everything to gain by succeeding in this. People could transplant limbs to repair amputation, cure paralysis forever, or even transplant human heads. (We put your perfectly good head off the old diseased body and onto a body whose owner smashed his skull. Everybody wins except him, but he smashed his head. There's not much we can do to fix that.)
And then there's Dr. Sakiyama-Elbert's nerve gel that can be squirted around nerve injuries. The nerves them repair around the gel, reconnecting and restoring the use of what was previously numb and paralyzed. Just a few more years testing to see if it really works. Sweet.

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