Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wind Madness

One of my readers says that Wind power deserves a writing. Oh no, wind power is much too sane. We need something INsane here, which I can do by massively scaling up.

Wind power is one of the few forms of power that doesn't involve boiling water. Wind pushes the blades of a fan-like device. The blades are attached to a central rod. The rod has a magnet at the end. There is a loop of wire wrapped around the magnet, so when the magnet spins, power is produced. So far, this is all sane engineering.

The insane part will be covering the tops of mountain ranges, which typically enjoy large amounts of wind, with wind power turbines. Cables can carry the electricity to where people live. Or, alternatively, the power can pump water, split it to form hydrogen, and blow the oxygen down the mountain. The hydrogen would have to be either piped to where someone would use it, or carted away by a technician. People looking up at the mountains would likely see the turbines, gently turning away, reminding them that their electricity is not free.

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